Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Beeping Time Bomb - A short story

John is a software engineer working in Soft Tech Ltd which is a pioneer in development of Robotic softwares.
But John, though a diligent employee, was currently not completely dedicated to his company. Rather he was working on software that could revolutionize the living of entire world. He was working hard and each day his work was progressing as he had wished. But today was different.
Today, it was really different for John. He didn’t know what was coming. The rains of Mumbai took him soaked into his office of Soft Tech Ltd. He was late. He endured the scorn look of his boss. He thought, “Such a bad day to start.” He greeted his boss and got on with the work but his mind was on his project.
Absentmindedly, he completed his office work and left for home around 6:30 PM.
He took the bus and tolerated all the scuffles in the crowded bus. At last, he reached his destination. He stepped down the bus which barely stopped to let him off. Suddenly, he palpated his trousers back pocket, someone had pick pocketed him. He thought, “Another bad event of the day. What more worse can happen.”
But worst was still to come, waiting for him at home.
He consoled himself that there was not much money in the purse. He moved on.
When he reached home, it was very dark, a very dark night. He opened the door of his room. He wanted some fresh air but in this polluted world, it was not to be. He went on and opened the windows. As he just opened, what he hears! A long continuous time bomb beep with every second.
He was terrified. Fearful thoughts of losing everything flashed his mind. What’s that? Who could have done it? What would happen now? He fearfully closed, the windows and stepped back. He looked on. He was terrified but he could not leave it then and there.
He took a deep breath and tread forward and again opened the windows. The time bomb beep was blaring again. This made john wholly devastated. He closed it and prayed to God. Is this going to be the worst end of this day?
Prayers gave him some strength. He tread forward and reopened windows. Voila! This time the windows came alive and his valuable data was there sitting on its desktop. His career, his life had saved.

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