Sunday, September 19, 2010

Tiddly wiki, a tool for tiddlers, not so though...

The name 'Tiddly Wiki' may appear petty or trivial but not proving worthy of its name, tiddly wiki is a powerful tool for management of larger projects to daily todo lists.

Tiddly wiki provides a very light, easily editable tool for maintaining information. You will start with writing something, enhancing it daily & in no time or let me say, in few weeks, you will be able to make a personal wikipedia of things important to you, where you can refer anytime you want, it will always be there on your hard disk.

So, to start, why not we download a small html file, about 350 Kb, from the website of creators of tiddly, click here .
Before starting to create your wiki, right click on downloaded 'empty.html' file to open properties & de-select 'read only', click 'unblock' & then, OK.

Now, you are ready to generate your own personal wikipedia. let us start with, making a wiki containing the places we want to see, so that both of us can be on a common ground while designing our first wiki.

First rename the downloaded file to 'MyFavouritePlaces" or you can give the name any thing you like & open it. You will see a webpage something like this.

There is a text box on the page to enter your username, you may enter it. Click on SiteTitle, this opens few editable text boxes, replace text 'My TiddlyWiki' with the text you want to see as your wiki's site title. I will name it 'My favourite places'& click done. Click on SiteSubtitle & enter the text replacing 'My TiddlyWiki' with 'pretty far' & select 'done'. Now, you can 'save changes' in the right hand column of web page. Windows may give warning about running activeX content but click yes to allow it to run. Your wiki is saved.

FYI, I want to visit Moon, Mars & Jupiter, quite popularly known places. So, I wish to create small pages containing information about Moon, Mars & Jupiters, though I will like to call these infolets, but officially, the tiddly wiki creators call it 'Tiddlers' which is quite a magnetic name. I shall create New tiddlers for Moon, Mars & Jupiter containing the information about their distance, amount of air required to breathe, the price for travelling & so on. Click on new tiddler in right hand column, replace the text "New Tiddler" with Moon & below it you can type the distance of moon, price of travel etc. & more advantageously, you can also place here the link to your next tiddler, Mars, if you could only capture Mars within two square brackets, like this "[[Mars]]".

Once you click done, you will see Mars in light blue colour.

Clicking on Mars will generate a new tiddler to enter the details about Mars.

The possibilities of using tiddly wiki for project management are endless. This was just an initiation to know tiddly wiki. Hope you enjoy using this utility. Do not forget to visit , it contains lot of useful documentation for using tiddly wiki. Moreover, there is a small comment link below this post, where you can give your comments about this post.

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